There are two local multiplexes broadcasting to the Norfolk area. There’s a county-wide local commercial multiplex operated by Now Digital and s small-scale city multiplex operated by Future Digital Norfolk.


The Norwich multiplex is owned by Now Digital Ltd (a subsidiary of Arqiva).

The multiplex covers 593,000 adults (15+)

The following commercial services are currently carried on the multiplex:

  • BBC Radio Norfolk
  • Capital UK
  • Greatest Hits Norfolk
  • Heart Norfolk
  • Smooth Country
  • Smooth Norfolk

There are opportunities to contract for capacity for the provision of new radio services.


The following commercial services are currently carried on the small-scale city multiplex:

  • 45 Radio
  • Angel Vintage
  • Cambridge 105
  • CarolineFlashbak
  • Chris Country
  • Classical 1
  • Cosoro Radio
  • FDN TEST 01
  • Future Radio
  • Hits Radio Pride
  • News Radio UK
  • NME 1
  • NME 2
  • Radio Caroline
  • Resonance Extra
  • Rubix Radio
  • Skylab Radio
  • Slack City Radio
  • Solar Radio
  • United DJs
  • Weather24/7Radio
  • Zack FM

The multiplex is managed by Future Digital Norfolk (contactable through this website).

Folder Media can provide independent assistance in digital multiplex negotiations. We have worked with a number of service providers and multiplex operators and can help you get the coverage you need at the right price. Folder Media is contactable on 020 7739 7880 or through [email protected]

The multiplex is managed by Now Digital (contactable on 020 7766 6000 or at [email protected]).

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