There are two local multiplexes broadcasting to the Norfolk area. There’s a county-wide local commercial multiplex operated by Now Digital and s small-scale city multiplex operated by Future Digital Norfolk.


The Norwich multiplex is owned by Now Digital Ltd (a subsidiary of Arqiva).

The multiplex covers 593,000 adults (15+)

The following commercial services are currently carried on the multiplex:

  • BBC Radio Norfolk
  • Capital UK
  • Greatest Hits Norfolk
  • Heart Norfolk
  • Smooth Country
  • Smooth Norfolk

There are opportunities to contract for capacity for the provision of new radio services.


The following commercial services are currently carried on the small-scale city multiplex:

  • 45 Radio
  • Angel Vintage
  • Cambridge 105
  • CarolineFlashbak
  • Chris Country
  • Classical 1
  • Cosoro Radio
  • FDN TEST 01
  • Future Radio
  • Hits Radio Pride
  • News Radio UK
  • NME 1
  • NME 2
  • Radio Caroline
  • Resonance Extra
  • Rubix Radio
  • Skylab Radio
  • Slack City Radio
  • Solar Radio
  • United DJs
  • Weather24/7Radio
  • Zack FM

The multiplex is managed by Future Digital Norfolk (contactable through this website).

Folder Media can provide independent assistance in digital multiplex negotiations. We have worked with a number of service providers and multiplex operators and can help you get the coverage you need at the right price. Folder Media is contactable on 020 7739 7880 or through

The multiplex is managed by Now Digital (contactable on 020 7766 6000 or at

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